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Now, your phone is ringing or emails keep poppin up.

The best way to entertain your clients and earn their trust/attention is to make sure you know the container specs they need, where they want it and when they need it.

Example conversation:

Client: Hi, do you have containers?

YOU: Good Day! Yes we do, may I know what city are you near and what size of container/s do you need?

Client: I'm near Denver. I need the high ones and it should be water tight.

YOU:  Oh okay! We have 40' HC and 45' HC you can choose from, 45' HC is a bit longer but they are both 9' tall. Also wind and water tight would be the best condition if you just need it for storage.

Client: Nice, I just need a 40' long, would a wind water be ok if I ship it overseas?

YOU: Oh! Wind and water tights (WWT) are most dented and doesn't fit the standards of a shipping line. You should get a Cargo Worthy (CW), it's few hundred bucks higher than WWT's but I can assure you once you bring it to the port, you just need to re-certify so it can be loaded to a ship.

Client: Ok. How much and can you deliver at 80216?

YOU: Sure, no problem. Let me check with our depot and trucker.

(That's your que to check on us, the price for the container, delivery, and availability)

YOU: The container is $2,600 and delivery for 20miles is +$350, delivery will be next Tuesday because we are already fully booked until Monday. Should we secure the unit to you and the delivery day? (CLOSING THE DEAL LINES)

Client: Yes send the invoice to this email .....