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Marketing Using Classified Ads


At K-Containers our agents are not only skilled salespeople, but also effective marketers. Much of our marketing is done through local classified ads. In this section, you will be learning how to post an effective Ad in any local classified ad. We will be using a few examples, but keep in mind that you may post your ads in any classified ad as long as its effective and legal.



Finding Classifieds That Works: While you are always welcome to find new markets to post in, you may click the "Classified List" from Agent Resources to see many of the classified markets that have already been proven effective. You are welcome to post in any or all available markets, but please understand all tips from this section for effective and prudent posting online.


Posting Your Ad: Location: When determining what location to post your ad in, take into consideration, not just areas you feel will be viable, but also locations that have a depot. For depot locations click the depot location list from Agent Resources.


Category: Understanding your target audience will help you to decide the best location to post your ad. For example; I may want to target farmers in Idaho, since I know there is a lot of farmers in the area. In this case I may choose to post my ad in "Farming Equipment". Use your best critical-thinking skills to discern your audience and post accordingly.


Price: Use the pricing tool at www.kcontainers.com. Google a the zip code of the location you wish to sell in, then select "local pickup" to get the local container price minus shipping costs.


Content: Your ads should be short and concise. Again, imagine your audience, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what they'd like to hear. Be sure to enter in all pertinent information (i.e size, condition, price, shipping details, etc.) Avoid sounding robotic, impersonal, or repetitive. Post prudently, don't over post. *see example below


Adding Photos: Photo's don't necessarily need to be of the exact containers you are selling, but they do need to be accurate to your description. It's important you don't over post the same photo, or use photos that protected under copyright. This means, don't post photos that are water marked or marked from another company. For lots of usable photos you may use for your ads visit the "photo pool" in Agent Resources. (avoid compulsively selecting the first photos to avoid inadvertently selecting the same photos as other agents)

Avoiding Getting Flagged While it's impossible to never get flagged using local classified ads, there are measures you can take to help avoid getting flagged. Flagging occurs when the moderators of the classified ad find your ads to be repetitive, misplaced, inaccurate, a scam, or deceptive. You may also be flagged on occasion by competitors and other users on the site. To avoid being flagged consider the following.


Do Not Over post- While repeatedly posting your ads will place you at the top of the list, it is also more likely to be flagged by annoyed users and may be against many classified ad's policy. Use Unique Photos & Content- Others will notice if there are repetitive ads and photos in their search query and may be more likely to flag your post. Using different wording and photos will not only ensure you're not only posting a different ad and photos than other agents here at K-Containers, but will also avoid being noticed by moderators. Try to remain inconspicuous. For photos, visit the photo pool in Agent Resources. Do not use stock photos (these are photos created by the manufacture for advertising purposes)


Accuracy- Make sure your ads are accurate to the description. Moderators and users may flag inaccurate ads. This means, make sure you are categorizing your ads in the correct section of the classified website or app. (next 2 for Craigslist only)


Use Website Rather Than App- We are not sure why this is the case, but most our agents have better luck avoiding getting flagged when using the craigslist website instead of the app.


Post as a Business Rather Than "Individual"- When posting your ad in Craigslist you will be asked if you are an individual or a business, we have had better luck avoiding flagging by selecting the option for business Hour 3 example: (do not copy ad word for word, make yours' your own)


Avoiding Scams

Scams are practically ubiquitous online. During your time at K-Containers, you will certainly run into a few. Fortunately they are easy to spot and we have a few "nets" in place to ensure we don't fall victim. The following is a list of "red flags" that should immediately put you on guard:


• Wanting to pay by personal check or other unacceptable payment form (money gram, gift card, rain check, etc.)​

• Sounds too generic- scammer may use software program to send out mass emails. Email's will sound extremely generic with your title copied and pasted verbatim to the response​

• Refuses or has excuses not to speak by telephone​

• Wants it shipped out of country​

• Says payment is sent to email. Email is from fake PayPal address.

Follow up!! 

  • Book the next follow-up at the conclusion of the first contact.

  • Get them to commit to a payment date. Follow up at that time.

  • Ideally, you should follow-up within 2 days.

  • You may do the follow-up yourself or have your posting buddy assist you.

  • Contact management system of your choice! Keep yourself organize.

  1. Mail Chimp • Excel

  2. Planner-Agenda

  3. Text

Mass Email or text all previous clients updates and new products. Keep it light and informative! Email when sales happen update everyone that there are sales in the area!

Call contacts on follow up dates. Get them transferred to the office to “verify” their information in the system is correct. At this time the office will help try to collect payment.

Our suggested site :

www.craigslist.org  > you can post on all state , but you need to study the technique on posting from youtube

you can research other US based sites that caters buy and sell, even in facebook you can find US buy and sell groups, it's all about research skills , patience  and creativity to be visible, once you got it - clients will call you even you are sleeping, $$$ calls!