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Start Your Training! In less than an hour you will learn how to pull a quote and post your first 5 ads! Don’t wait to start posting your ads early on.

Reach out to your trainer! Let them know you now engaging the training module.


Continue Learning! Be sure to continue to explore the CONTAINER FAQ tab on www.kcontainers.com . This gives more information and a deeper look into the products to assist your new customers.


Post 5 or more Ads a day! Every day that passes - to be successful - you should be posting 5 or more ads on a variety of general “for-sale” sites. Top Agents suggest investing in your business and posting ads on craigslist.org . Agents have seen the most success with these ads. - If you are not ready to invest – you can find hundreds of FREE places to post in the training portal under Agent Resources. You can also go out and find customers in your local area.


Make sure you are connected! Be sure you have been added to our corporate KContainer Group Page and any other support pages that are part of your team. Follow up with your trainer to make sure you have been added to each page.


Create a Follow up System! It is time to start tracking potential customers! You will be getting calls, texts and e-mails. There are documents in Agent Resources that will help you track customer information. You can also use the back office system itself to help you track open invoices, see follow up notes, etc. Keep a full list and follow up every Friday with your potential customers!


Building a Team - After you have completed 5 ads with success and are working through the training, it is time to start growing your team! Refer to your Trainer and the How to Enroll New Agents document in Agent Resources! Be sure to work with your trainer for any questions in adding and training new agents on your team.